Welcome to the BITFOR website!

There is not much currently expect for links to our Discord server which can always be found at the bottom of the site.

Yuki Chan

If you would like to check out our mascot Yuki Chan you can click here or navigate to the top of the site and click on Mascot in the navigation bar.

Site Information

This website is hosted on GitHub pages for the publicly facing domains of BITFOR. If you would like to see what changes are being made on this site (for transparency), each page in the footer of the site contains a 7 character commit code. Clicking on this will redirect you to the latest commit/revision of this repository. From there you can view each change made to this site as well since it’s creation.

We also utilize functions to help adjust the color of our website according to the style of your device (light or dark). Unfortunately, we can’t change the logo yet and it will look unpleasant on light style devices.

Still currently working on the site.

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